Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chronicles of a Lonely Joe...Part 2

I really should stop with the numbers here because it will quickly become ridiculous.

After being roused from a stupor this afternoon by my own tears falling on my hands, which were cradling my head at the time, I came upon more revelations.


When I get stressed/irritated/bored my initial reaction is to stop, reorganize, and clean.

Thats right, I clean when I get stressed out (calm down ladies). Our bathroom is now the cleanest it has been since we moved in.


If I don't make time to do things I want to do and create the life that I want then my life will gladly be swallowed up by something else, something I didn't plan for, and my time will cease to be my time.

I am sure that life will reveal more as I go along in my lonely days, Una and I taking on the world for 7 weeks. Eventually I may update everyone on exactly what is going on in my life...I suppose that something would actually have to happen for that to be relevant though.


Walter said...

I'd like to contribute to your meditations:
1- There are always a thousand reasons not to do anything. Therefore, coming up with reasons not to do something would be like counting the hairs on the dog: pointless-- and by the time you're finished they've all changed anyway.
2- In the words of Miyamoto Mushashi, "Do nothing which is not of value". There are only so many grains of sand in the hourglass that is your life. Do not waste them.

Colleen said...

What 'cha doing for your birthday?