Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm 25 years old...

...thats like, halfway to 30!!!

It has been a good birthday all things considered. It would be nice if Casie and all my California friends were here to celebrate with me but thats ok. I still had a good birthday.

It snowed here. The forecast said it would be anywhere from 5 to 8 inches by the time the nights over and I would have to say we are on track for that. Una loves the snow. It provides countless things for here to chase (the snowflakes, as they fall) and she seems to get a strange sense of satisfaction from running through the snow-covered grass.

I ended my birthday with a trip to my sister's house where my Mom, Darin, Mia, and Quinn all wished me a happy birthday. Darin had to go to work but the rest of us all enjoyed cheese cake and the pure joy that can only come from watching me open presents (sorry everyone else had to miss out on that one).

One of the more unique gifts was a game that came from Colleen & Phil. It contains a deck of cards that have 4 dumb dares on it and 1 extreme dumb dare. There is also a little sphere that lights up when you shake/strike it indicating what dare you have to do. It is the office edition so all of the dares relate to my daily life. They are pretty funny but the ones that had all of us laughing pretty hard are the following:

1. Rummage through a colleague's bin and retrieve something they've thrown away. Ask them if you an keep it.

2. Place your ear next to your PC monitor and mutter "Yes... okay... we'll have to be careful though..."

3. Send an email to all of your colleagues enquiring how many of them would be prepared to respond to an unsolicited email even if they thought it was a total waste of their time.

4. Correct people's pronunciation of your name even if they're pronouncing it correctly.

Great fun and laughter was had by all. Mia laughed along too, though I am fairly certain she did not grasp the full hilarity of the dares.

All of my gifts were fantastic (that last one just made for a good story). Thank you to everyone who sent me something. To those of you that didn't: what's up?

True to form of posts since Casie has been gone, I have revelations:

Revelations - the birthday edition


If you are ever going to get a singing card for someone - for any event - be sure to write something very long on the inside of the card.


Deep appreciation for things often comes at inopportune times.


25 really does feel like halfway to 30.


melanie said...

I'm sorry Joe!

But do keep in mind that I also did have to write that note; which, believe me, is something I wished I had considered before while I was buying the card... when I opened it at my house; pen in hand...

...also, I wish I had the nerve to try that dare about correcting my co-workers about my name! It makes me smile to think about it...

Colleen said...

Hey Joe,

I'm glad you liked your b-day gift so much. I hope you get a chance to have fun with it at work without getting fired or demoted.

Did you get my voice message on your B-day?

So... what was #6 about?

Joe said...

Colleen, I did get your voice mail. Thank you for calling me. Revelation #6 really came to me on the afternoon of my birthday. I came home after work, walked to dog and then decided to open up some of my presents. I figured that I could save the gifts from you and Phil and Casie until I was with family but the gifts from my friends and family out in California I would open right away.

It was really great because I got such awesome gifts. Everyone got me really cool stuff that I would use or really enjoy. It was really cool. That really got me thinking about how much I really appreciate everyone in my life right now. Then I opened up the gifts from my immediate family at Carla's house and those gifts were just as cool and I appreciated them just as much and that got me thinking about stuff even more.

I thought about my two favorite birthdays. Both of them were awesome because there were a bunch of my friends and family around. I was surrounded by people that I really cared about and I was really happy. They are the best times that I can remember. I didn't understand or appreciate why any of that mattered until far too late. I still appreciated it but I would appreciate it more now. I still had a good birthday but it pales in comparison to having everyone together.

That is when I realized that is not that different from other things in life. Most of the time the deepest appreciation and understanding of something will come when you are missing it. Kind of sucks.

Colleen said...

I know what you mean. The more I think about life the more bittersweet it seems. I can't believe I'm turning 30 in a few weeks. It is so odd and surreal. I feel like I am still like 22. I wish Phil and I lived closer to everyone.