Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chronicles of a Lonely Joe

Day 1 without Casie...

I have heard that when people are forced to spend some time by themselves they often come upon some interesting revelations. I thought that I would chronicle my time alone and document any such revelations that come upon me in my utter solitude.

Revelation #1:

My dog likes dried apricots, a lot.

Revelation #2:

If I do not force my self to do something, I would be content to sit on my ass all day long and never move except to put in a new movie that I have, in all likelihood, seen already or a new video game which I will, in all likelihood, not finish. This leads me to believe that I need to schedule my days out more and stick to the schedule.


Stephanie said...

so, did Una get into the dried apricots.... or did you share with her?

Doing nothing once in awhile is a good thing..... doing nothing 3-4 times a week is not a good thing.

Casie said...

Thus explaining the little amount of cleaning that actually got done over my winter break!

Joe said...

Una did not get into the apricots, despite her desperate attempts to do so.

After seeing her trying to get to the apricots I figured that if she liked apples, she might like apricots too. So I gave her 1 and she scarfed it down very quickly. Out of novelty I gave her a second.

Stephanie said...

So, your rewarded her bad behavior.... with what she was trying to get to?