Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday I made my first real attempt to ride my unicycle. Joe and I walked over to the tennis courts at our apartment complex and I used the chain link fence around the courts to help me balance on one side, and Joe on the other. It went better than I expected, not once did I even come close to breaking anything, but after forty minutes of trying to balance, my legs had turned to noodles and I had to call it quits. Joe has Tuesday off work because of the holiday so he is going to help me try again, I am very excited.


Colleen said...

Our friends Andy and Irene are really big into unicycling. You can check out some of there photos of the mountain unicycling festival they went to last year here:

They are really nice. If you and Joe are ever in town we should all meet up.

Melanie said...

So?... how did phase two go? Are you able to balance without support yet? By the way, who (finally) gave you a unicycle? (Thinking about it now it seems that you have been wanting to try it for years...)

Please keep me posted on your progress. And has Joe tried it at all yet?...