Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone's holiday was great. Today, since it is back to reality for almost everyone, I thought maybe everybody could post some of there favorite things about this years holiday season and maybe something that you would like to change for next year...

--Finding "haystacks" at Walgreen's. They are candies that my sister and I used to give my grandfather every Christmas, and eating a couple brought back great memories
--Actually getting a unicycle. Now learning to ride it is a whole different story.

--Next year, no matter what, I will make leftsa.


Yelli said...

-getting knee-high ass kickin boots
-making lefse with mom

-kidnap casie to CA no matter what!!

Colleen said...

favorite things:
-Having a beautiful, gentle snowfall during Christmas.
-Hanging out with Phil at home (napping and playing video games). Being totally relaxed for days.

For next year:
I want to celebrate Christmas in our first house.

Melanie said...

Favorite things:

-hosting my first Christmas
-getting the most awesome tool kit

For next year:

-to have a day off from work some time during the week before Christmas

For some time in my future:

-Casie, we really should have a friend's Christmas Eve; we would prepare such a feast! It would be so fun!