Saturday, November 3, 2007

And now for something completely different

This was one of the top stories on DIGG today. I just thought that it was worth some attention.

Photos taken at the exact right time

Check it out. It is some pretty cool stuff.

Since I'm kind of plugging some other stuff on our blog, I will take one step further. Everyone should go to Lynnwood link on the left side of our page. That is the band that our friends Chris & Meghan are part of. Take a look, listen to their songs and be their friend. Apparently it helps to have a lot of My Space friends if you want to start getting better shows.

As an aside, they are in the process of recording some of their songs in the studio. This means that at some point there will be a CD and a lot of high quality songs available.

Anyway, check them out and be their friends. Check out the pictures that I linked to at the top too. I'm sure we'll do something interesting soon too. (Maybe we'll post pictures of our Halloween 'party' that we went to yesterday)

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