Monday, November 5, 2007

Like looking into the face of...Walter?

So I got a message from my friend Walter today. I am pretty sure that everyone who reads this blog knows who Walter is but on the off chance that my popularity is even greater than I possibly imagined and we have gained a small but faithful following of readers, I will share some thoughts on Walter.

Walter is a really great guy...he's weird as hell, but a really great guy. He is always good for a laugh, or a good time,...or a concerned and questioning look.

The message that I received on my phone asked me how I was liking my new job. Specifically, how I was liking my white, middle-class, not-part-of-the-solution-so-I-must-be-part-of-the-problem job. How I was feeling now that I am an incarnation of "the man".

I must say, it feels pretty good. I like being part of the system and keeping people down. Support the establishment!!! Damn the under-privileged man! Go with the flow of the power!

Honestly my job is shaping up to be pretty good (although I say this after 3 days of being on the job). The training is going to be painfully long but everyone seems pretty nice and I am starting to get the idea of how the overall system is organized. Navigating my way on a mainframe system is trickier than I thought it would be. I spend a lot of my time clumsily typing in commands that I have only the vaguest of impressions of their functionality. It is really exciting.

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melanie said...

Awesome Joe. I am glad you like your job, but that it does still have some challenges for you... despite the fact that you are now 'part of the problem'...

PS. I know that look! That 'concerned and questioning' one... (and I am still laughing that you typed that...)