Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shmeat...Its whats for Dinner!!!?

We all know and love SPAM. The meat of meats as I like to call it. No matter what the recipe calls for, SPAM is always an option as a replacement. Its this can-do attitude that earned SPAM a place in the heart of our nation. And why not? Its delicious, nutritious, comes in a variety of flavors and its natural...after a fashion.

If there is a downside to SPAM, its that something had to die to make it...rather, so that it could be made. After my visit to the SPAM museum, I know that animal was a pig.

Fear not, concerned generic meat consumers, there is a solution!!! What if I told you that we could make some tasty, tasty meat without harming a single hair or feather on any animal at all? Take that vegetarians!!!

What if I told you that technically its lamb? Hold on there! Don't get ahead of me, I'll get to the price in just a minute...

I present to you, the future of all protein. The future of all high quality meat-like substance consumption and production:

[Photo courtesy of NPR]

In the words of the one guy we could find who had eaten this stuff:

"If it [looks] like muscle, if it [smells] like muscle, if it tastes like muscle, that's muscle,"

Amazing! Simply astounding! Well why haven't we seen this on our grocery store shelves? Or in our kitchens or at our Fourth of July barbecues? To find out we talked to one scientist involved in the development of this miracle product. He said:

[Obstacles] are production models, production facilities, venture capital — and consumer demand.


Anonymous said...

WTF? joe are you high? (this is colleen by the way. i forgot my pw for my blogger id)

Joe said...

I know, it is pretty amazing. You're right I should have called with this news instead of just posting it.