Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love videogames

So I have been playing Zelda for the Wii recently. Casie doesn't like the game very much but I love it. The Zelda series just does a great job of making an immersive world that you get to run around in. In every game I get the sense of amazing legends and being a participant in those legends. Its a great feeling.

Anyway, I recently fought a very cool battle. I was on horseback having a swordfight with goblins who were riding wild bores!!!

Heres a picture (not my own):


Casie said...

You seem fixated on the wild bore thing...any reason in particular?

Joe said...

It just seems like an incredibly fitting animal for a goblin to be riding and I had never considered it before.

Colleen said...

Good point Joe. Wild boar are scary animules. I saw a decapitated one in the back of a truck once.