Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Going Health Nuts, Wanna Come?

The other night, Joe mentioned that he was considering starting another blog. This one would track his progress throughout his quest to become a super fit and healthy Joe. Since I too have the same goal, I also thought that I would participate in the new blog. Then, we realized that we aren't the only ones that are working towards being fabulous new versions of ourselves.

It seems that in the past year or so, many of our friends and family members have started to jump on the healthy train. Therefore, Joe and I thought it might be fun to let anyone who is interested be added as an author on the other blog. Then, together we can all document our journeys to healthiness. So, if you are interested in sharing with the group your fitness/diet/mental health/physical health related progress, let me know. I will need the email address you use for blogger so that I can add you as an author.

Here is a link to the new site: Going Health Nuts


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great idea. I have a gmail account of vm1006@gamil.com
is this what you need to invite me?


Casie said...

Yes, I sent an invitation today (Wednesday) let me know if you got it...

Carla DeSilva said...

love it, love it.

carladesilva@yahoo.com is what I use.

Colleen said...

Mine is colleen_mv@yahoo.com