Monday, April 30, 2007

If I could rule the world

I don't have extravagant dreams of riches and fame. In reality, most of my dreams are smaller and simpler, things that I may one day be able to attain. For example, I would like, at one point, to own a brand new car. Not just a "new to me car," but a brand spank'n new, never been driven before car. The rest of my hopes for the future run pretty much along those lines.

Today, however, I dreamed a dream so wonderful that I just can't keep it to myself. In my fantasy fabulous world there would be a super effective, guaranteed to work all carb diet. This diet plan would prescribe the consumption of breads, pastas, muffins, bagels, cereals, and rices as the main source of nutrients with sauces and toppings added in for flavor --because any diet plan of mine needs peanut butter to be taken into consideration. All vitamins and minerals needed for life would magically be obtained from this all carb diet obviously. Even in my fantasy life I'd like to prevent scurvy and other such malnutrition related pathologies.

With this diet plan I would be as thin as a rail, that's not part of the fantasy mind you, that is a fact. I am fairly certain that I could be happy eating toast all day. Anyone else have silly, simple fantasies you wish were true?


Colleen said...

My fantasy is that I have the metabolism of a shrew.

Colleen said...

Also that I have a super cool art studio with all the tools and equipment I would ever use.

Carla DeSilva said...

mmm... my fantasy is that they install me a treadmill desk at work so I can walk and analyze all at once.

also that I win twenty thousand dollars in the lottery.

Casie - I would totally be happy eating toast all stinkin day. With butterstuff, peanut butter AND jelly. :)