Sunday, April 29, 2007

The end of lazy: a workout video review

Who remembers when Paula Abdul was a choreographer and/or singer rather than an annoyingly pleasant personality on American Idol. Anyone? When my lovely sister and I were kids, we loved Paul Abdul, and mostly for nostalgias sake I put her aerobic video, Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance, on my wish list. I received it at Christmas and on the shelf it has sat, encouraging me to dance. Well today, in an effort to avoid the sweaty workout room, I decided to hied Paula's instructions and actually get up and dance.

Boy howdy, was it fun! The video involves a solid 45 minutes of cardio with a cool down that involved stretches as well as some strength exercises like crunches. The steps were well taught, repeated several times at a slowed pace before being preformed up to tempo.

Some of the combinations may be a little complicated for a person that has no dancing experience at all, but with repeated effort it felt like the kind of stuff that anyone could learn. All in all, I highly recommend this video to anyone who is looking to add a little variety (and maybe rhythm) to there boring workout routine.


Colleen said...

I probably wouldn't make it through the video because I usually start crying from frustration when I attempt aerobics.

Carla DeSilva said...

I love that you said boy howdy. this gives me joy.

i need to start doing my hip hop video again. :)

Danielle said...

I just purchased Carmen Electra's "Fit to Strip" and I'm so super excited to try that out.

Chailyn said...

Keep up the good work.