Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guest Post by Sir Walter

My first thought when I saw the brussel sprouts in their container was "wait- that's totally not what I thought they were". My second thought was "Wow! They're little cabbages!" I enjoy minature food, as most americans do. Mini burgers, mini pizzas, mini muffins, and broccoli (mini trees) to name only a few. I think it makes me feel bigger then I actually am, like some sort of hungry giant. Side note: Why are mini burgers frequently called "sliders"? It sounds like a colon crisis. Was "mini burgers" not satisfactory? I digress.

Anyway I really enjoyed the brussel sprouts even though Casie and Joe gave them only a "meh". However, my positive response may have had a lot to do with the accompanying nuts and craisins. Anyways, I would eat them again, preferably as part of a mini feast featuring as many mini foods as possible- followed by destroying a pre-arranged lego village. Also all the lego villagers would have their heads replaced with marshmallows and milk duds that I would eat while laughing with a deep voice. And I've gone too far with that. Good night.


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