Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Let's start with a little background info about my grocery shopping habits:

In order to save money and be more efficient, Joe and I make a weekly shopping trip. Before we go, I plan all the dinners we will be cooking throughout the week. Then we try to head to Walmart early enough on Sunday morning that most of the Springfield residence are still in church. If we sleep in to late, Walmart is crowded, crazy, and an all around crappy place to be. Then, if a trip to somewhere fancier is needed, like the natural food store or Sam's Club, we do that as well.

This method has saved us money and lends itself to eating healthier because we eat out less. The one drawn back is on Sunday, I am never busy and often feeling very ambitious when it comes to culinary adventures and sometimes weekday Casie gets very angry at Sunday Casie for signing her up to cook all manner of craziness. As a sidenote, weekday Casie always appreciates Sunday Casie's baking.

All of that info to ask, what are your grocery shopping philosophies/habits? Any grocery shopping insights to share?

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Melanie said...

Not really any insights. Only cook like once a week, but then eat the leftovers in different ways for the following days. Have discovered that I almost never have ambition enough to brave Wal-Mart and cook in the same day. So I usually buy ingredients for recipes in advance so they are more or less on hand already for later in the week, month or year. Also makes me feel like I spend less by spreading the cost of a dish out.