Sunday, February 22, 2009

I judge your chili harshly!!!

I realized today that there are very few things in this world that I am more judgmental about than Chili. Let me explain...

Casie and I went to a chili cook off. The even started at 11:00 in the morning and there were about 30-40 participants. Both the top and bottom levels of the local expo center were filled with booths serving out all sorts of Chili, two live bands, and lots of places to get some beer.

While tasting the various chili, I found myself passing very harsh judgment on a lot of the different chili. Some were too thin and soup-like while others lacked essential spices that give that quintessential chili flavor. I walked away from this even with a few pearls of wisdom:

1. The investigative reporting team at KY3 couldn't manage to investigate themselves up a descent chili recipe and instead served chili-esque soup.

2. The chemistry department actually makes some pretty good disturbing as that is.

3. Signing a waver to eat some food is just too troublesome for me.

4. Stripper chili is just inheritly off-putting.

5. "Chili cook off" is code for "an excuse to start drinking at 11:15"


Walter said...

Chili is an acknowledged art (I mean, "aht") form, and thus should be critizied so. I would say the same about alcoholic beverages but you may recall that halfway through that convention I thought everybody was awesome. Thus I must judge something else- I judge sandwhiches.

Yelli said...

I agree with just didn't drink enough to fully appreciate the distinguished chili...that is what Walter said, right?