Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight Part II

Last nights post about The Dark Knight was reactionary to say the least. Not that the feelings have dissipated, by all means, if you haven't seen it yet run to the theater. But, Joe noted that I have not reviewed any films recently and maybe I should put together a review of this one. Unfortunately I am still brimming too full with nerdy pleasure about Batman's latest adventures to write something decent. Instead I have put together a list of the things that I liked about the film and the things that I didn't (of which there are few). I encourage everyone who read this to add their thoughts in the comments and maybe we can start a lively Batman themed discussion.

Things I liked:
  • Heath Ledgers performance: The Joker was actually believable and scary, which I never thought could happen. All the little ticks he put into the character, the walk, the voice, all of it amounted to a great villain and a great performance. He made that character his own and will henceforth be the Joker.
  • The realism: Superhero movies often give up on trying to make us believe that these things could actually happen and instead run with the crazy, colorful world of a comic book. The Dark Knight happens in a believable world that feels real.
  • The new Batsuit: I have always thought it was dumb that batman couldn't turn his head.
  • The dark story: I don't want to give anything away--so go see it.
  • Batman's imperfections: Batman/Bruce Wayne is a normal guy. Not someone with super powers and he is flawed. Unlike Superman, physically he can be beaten and emotional, well, dude has issues. I like that. People aren't perfect and I enjoy seeing movies that deal with the characters emotions and flaws.
  • New Rachel: Maggie Gyllenhaal gave Rachel a little more personality than she had in the last movie
  • Christian Bale: Really just because I like Christian Bale
  • Alfred: Michael Caine's character added some levity to the film.
  • Harvey Dent: Good character/preformance to contrast with Batman/Wayne's.
  • The special effects: I realized that I didn't notice the CGI

Things I didn't like:
  • Christian Bale's Batman Voice: I thought it was annoying in the first movie and continue to be annoyed with it this time. I understand that giving Batman a different voice helps cover up his secret identity. I get it. I just don't like it.


Colleen said...

I totally agree with your annoyance with the batman voice. It was slightly distracting and sometimes goofy. Like a husky old woman voice or something. Phil and I just saw the movie yesterday and loved it. Especially the Joker. I immediately wanted there to be another batman movie for us to go to when this one ended. I hope Two Face will be the villain in the next one since this Joker isn't around anymore.

Colleen said...

Does anyone know if there is another one in the making already?