Friday, December 14, 2007

Riddle me this...

So, I have decided that Casie's tendency to leave things out on the counter is not really a clever ploy to drive me insane. Rather, it reveals her true nature as a super-villain. Yes, a super-villain. She is... The Riddler!!!

(As a side note, check out my photoshop Microsoft Paint skills)

She earns this nickname because she leaves me riddles. The latest one is this:

This riddle is interpreted as: "Riddle me this, why do we need corn, both yellow and white? Why is best on the counter, exposed to the light?"

The can was sitting on the counter. We don't eat canned corn, ever! We always eat frozen corn. Why is it that we needed both white and yellow corn?! I don't get it!!! Truly Casie's villainy knows no bounds!!!

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