Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Phone Calls

I suck at the telephone.

I find that when people call me unexpectedly, I often have an inappropriately neutral response. Then after I get off the phone, I think of everything I should have said. Its like the telephone retards my thought formation as well as my personality. To combat this problem I am considering screening my calls just so I can listen to the message and mentally prepare myself...

Does anyone else have this problem?

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melanie said...

Yes I do. Which I think may be why I usually attempt to be the one to call other people. Because I can think about what I might say before hand. Rather when people call me I am thrown off guard. In fact I do screen my calls, especially when I was looking for a job. I waited for them to leave messages and say what they wanted from me so I could prepare some thoughts before I called them back. Otherwise it was just a disaster waiting to happen.

As for more casual calls, if you are the one to catch me off guard my greatest fear seems to be dead silence, so I find I will fill the gap and tell you the first slightly amusing recent news or story I can think of, which normally has nothing to do with whoever has called and they will give me slight nervous chuckle when I've finished in which I know they are wondering why I just told them that...

Isn't the phone wonderful?