Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I know, I know. Where is more information about the controller coffee table? Why hasn't there been a deluge of new information causing small fits of glee to break out across the country?

Well, all of our visitors just left. And I haven't gotten around to posting any new information yet. When you combine those two reasons you wind up with some pretty solid footing I think.

On the bright side, the last round of visitors out here (Danielle and Walter) were both mighty impressed at the quality of the project that Seng and I have so painstakingly worked on up to this point. Casie was mighty impressed as well. She is begrudgingly less reluctant to have it as a coffee table, if only a little bit.

I was also asked to clarify some information because it was apparently not clear from my earlier posts.

I initially described this project as making a "giant, working, Nintendo controller coffee table" ...and I meant every word of it.

By "giant", I meant relative to the original Nintendo controller not giant as in a really huge-ass coffee table.

By "Nintendo controller", I meant a controller from the original nerd-tastic NES gaming system.

By "working" I meant functioning as in it will have a cord that you can plug into an NES and play Super Mario Bros. or Track and Field or Zelda or any other game that used the original Nintendo controller. Thats right folks, once its done I am throwing a come-over-and-use-the-giant-ass-controller party. It will also be "working" as in able-to-hold-drinks-magazines-and-trinkets.

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melanie said...

Awesome Joe; I am impressed, ...be it in the nerdiest sort of way... And I am glad for this 'update' and all. But really how far have you gotten now? Are any of the boards cut, or have you been working more on the wiring instead? Also, do you have any idea how long it will take you to complete said project?