Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Glory Value For Your Dollar

I know, I know...its been far too long since the last (and first) update of the Giant-Working-Nintendo-Controller-Coffee table. This may have lead some of you to believe that progress had not been made. I am happy to report that this is not the case.

Me and my collaborator (I can't spell accomplis ... acomplis ... accompliss ... achomplisc ... $#@%!!) have been working on a scaled drawing to base our wonderful invention off of. Thank you AutoCad!!!

Here is part of our scaled drawing (a scale of 1:11 thank you):

Dimensions are EXACT.

Also, we are more than just great minds. We have purchased two sheets of MDF and they lay at my father's wood shop waiting to be transformed from mere slabs of boring wood chips glued together under high pressure into something truly awe inspiring and joyous.

We leave momentarily to work further on our project. Today we plan to actually cut some wood, hopefully assemble it and, if all goes well, start to paint it.

I will update again tomorrow (read that: sometime this week).


Stephanie said...

Thats awesome Joe!!! can't wait to see it!.

Stephanie said...

Joe I'm still waiting for more info..... or better yet pictures!!!