Friday, July 20, 2007

Let the Saga Begin

I am back and more determined than ever to blog at a consistent rate. Casie is soon to be leaving on here clinical and I figure that I should blog up a storm while she is gone.

Luckily, I have a subject in mind for the grueling series of blogs before me.

As many faithful readers of our blog (aka: our friends) already know, a friend of ours is visiting this week. He has an interest in nerdy things, much like me. In a rather ambitious move, we have decided to make a giant, working, Nintendo controller coffee table for the living room.

Thats right, bask in the awesome-ness of that statement. I'll let it soak in.


Alright enough soaking.

My excitement is tempered by the feeling of looming disappointment though. "Why?!" you may shout in shock, awe, and inquiry (as indicated by the punctuation "?!"). Well there are 2 reasons that I may be disappointing. The first is that our current progress is as follows: we have decided on a scale (11:1 in case you were wondering) and after several hours of cumbersome measurements and re-measurements, we have decided to use the metric system for our project.

The second reason that I feel the looming threat of disappointment is this projects overall ambitiousness. It is quite the task to construct a 4 1/2 foot long coffee table, whether resembling a Nintendo controller or not.

In any event it should be entertaining to read along as we attempt to construct a giant, working, Nintendo controller coffee table. If it works, its pure brilliance may blind some of you when we post the pictures. If it doesn't work, you can all laugh at the near-audible shattering of my self-esteem and the life-crumbling effects of drastic failure as I am reduced to a shell of my former self. (more likely, if we don't succeed, it will sit, unfinished, in the corner of the living room where most of you will get to see it when/if you come to visit us)


melanie said...

I am glad you gave me the time to let your statement soak in. I certainly did need to read the preceeding sentence more than once... Of course I find now I have a few questions. Of course my interests have never been with the mechanics; even if you explained how you were planning on making it work I most likely would just smile and nod. Nevertheless I am interested in the asthetics of it all. What are you going to make it out of and which Nintendo controller will you be replicating? My initial assumption was the old school one, it would be the classiest, well, you know what I mean... However, you would be very limited on which games you could play...

Joe said...

I in fact do intend to replicate the old one. Not only for the nostalgia aspect of it but of all the video game controllers in existence, this makes the best coffee table. I prefer to have a coffee table that I can set things on. (I suppose the Wii controller is good too, but it lacks the outright class that the original NES one did and waving that thing around in a sword fight or trying to reel in a fish would be hell on my back).