Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chicks with Picks

Reasons that you should see The Descent*:

1. It is a monster movie that manages to not ooze with cheesiness.
2. The cave setting is almost creepier than the creatures, I felt claustrophobic sitting on the couch.
3. The characters actually have background stories and personalities...not just boobies.
4. When was the last time you saw a horror movie with an almost entirely female cast? And these girls can kick ass!

For further viewing, the writer/director of this film, Neil Marshall also wrote/directed a horror movie called Dog Soldiers which defiantly has B-level special effects, but the story is great.

*You can find two versions of this movie in the video store. Personally, I recommend the version that is labeled as the original uncut has the ending that the director intended, which is a little darker and more ambiguous. On the whole I'd say that this ending fits better with the themes and atmosphere of the film.

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Carla DeSilva said...

For those reading this blog, I totally second the motion that you see this movie. I have spent time pondering it long after I watched it.