Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stupid Americans

I don't know if everyone has noticed, but it has become quite popular for trendy T-shirts to have things written on them in other languages, usually of Asian origin. Joe and I usually joke that they say things about the idiot Americans buying shirts with a slogans they can't read (Joe has one by the way).

Well, turns out the slogans are not insulting. In class yesterday, the student from Japan looks over at the guy who sits in front of me, pointing at his shirt and exclaimed, "That's Japanese!" After a little confusion and some closer inspection it turns out his shirt said something that wasn't exactly grammatically correct, but meant something close to: asserting your independence through art. Not a half bad slogan.

The Japanese student then went on to translate another classmates tattoo, which didn't mean exactly what the tattooed student had been told at the tattoo shop, but she was happy with the tattoos actual meaning.

In conclusion, your shirt isn't mocking you, but your tattoo might be.

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Colleen said...

About 2 weeks into my Chinese Mandarin class when I was in the army, my friend went out and got a Chinese symbol tattoo that said "friend". I was thinking, "what if you fail out of the course in a month and get transfered to Japanese or Russian or something?" It turned out that I was the one who failed out of the course though.