Tuesday, April 24, 2007


On movie night, we sat down to another one of the "8 Films to Die For" called Reincarnation (Rinne is the Japanese title) directed by Takashi Shimizu, the director of The Grudge, one of my favorite horror movies.

From the cover art on the DVD case and the American movie poster, we are lead to believe that this movie will again feature the "scary Asian girl." You know the ones, with the painted white skin, blackened eyes, and hair arranged in a way that just makes me want to purchase them a hair tie. Now, as you can imagine, with The Grudge in my list of favorite films, I have nothing against this character, but that just wasn't what this movie was about. Instead we are given a movie that is more psychological thriller than horror, and a good one at that.

Reincarnation tells the tale of a movie director who is directing a film based on a true story, the lead actress, and a college student whose story seems initially unrelated to the other main characters. Apparently 35 years before the events of this film began there was a set of grisly murders at the Ono Kanko Hotel. A college professor killed eleven people, including his children, and then took his own life. Not aware of these events a young actress, Nagisa Sugiura, is hired to play the part of the professor's daughter in the film adaption. Both she and the director seem to have a bizarre connection to the murders. Nagisa is haunted by visions of the hotel, its murdered inhabitants, and a sweet looking little girl with her (creepy) doll. Interjected into Nagisa's portion of the tale is the story of a college student who is also haunted by the hotel and its past.

Reincarnation seems bloody and violent form the advertised description, but don't be fooled, there where enough appearances of the ghosts to give the whole film a creepy vibe but it was neither super scary nor gory. It does however end in a twist that I have to admit, I wasn't expecting at all. The atmosphere of the hotel and interesting plot make this a film that I would recommended to anyone.


Yellie said...

is this film "walter friendly"?

Casie said...

Yes, I would say so. No scary asian girls to make weird noises at him. There are some ghost but they are just actors in make-up that aren't to bad. Probably the scariest part for him will be the first scene...it is a guy driving a van (now you can warn him). I think he will be nightmare free id he watches it.

Colleen said...

Wow! It sounds awesome. I'll have to rent it. Great review by the way :)