Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break, how is miss thee

Well, the lovely shine that all things had last week is gone, and everything is back to normal. Which essentially means I am busting my ass to study for about a million exams. Poor Joe has shown immense skill in the flash card quizzing, so a good deal of his time is spent re-teaching me muscle attachments. He probably knows them better than I do by now. Two people dropped from the PTA program and never returned after break, so today was sort of weird, because just before break the director of the program had been congratulating us on all making it this far. I guess my class had gone the longest without any drops of any class they have ever had. The director said today that she wants to do away with spring break all together because "people get out in the world and remember how nice it is to have a life."

On a more fun side, I have to spend a day with a disability, any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

You have to have a disability for a day, or you spend your day with a person with a disability?

Stephanie said...

If you have to have a disablitiy for a day, I would pick not having your hands for a day. In one of my classes we had to spend all class with our hands inside socks so we could not use then as we would use them usually.

Casie said...

I actually did it today, and I had to go out in public so I think socks would have been a little silly. Anyway, I had a cane.