Friday, March 2, 2007


I thought every might like to see the status of our sign up list:

--hair dresser
--biscuit extraordinaire --- Danielle
--pirate (of the Internet or otherwise) --- Seng
--massage therapist --- Seng (although he is convinced he will suck at it)
--personal trainer --- Joe/Walter (soon we will all be able to kick butt)
--cake decorator --- Casie
--makeup artist --- Colleen
--stylist/fashion expert --- Phil
--tailor --- Maureen (my mom)
--mechanic --- Darin
--interior designer --- Colleen
--contractor --- Brian
--custom furniture creator --- Brian
--tech support --- Phil/Joe
--travel agent --- Carla
--event planner --- Carla/Casie
--movie critic --- Casie
--picture framer/matter --- Minnie

So, all in all a very good turn out!

Please continue submitting new ideas if you have them so that we will have an extensive directory of experts who can be called upon.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I can bake! An create a personal logo for you :-)