Thursday, March 15, 2007

No More Bass Pro

As of today, I never need to have this conversation again:

Me: "Good fishing and hunting, Bass Pro Shops."

Caller: "Do what?"

M: "This is Bass Pro what can I do for you"

C: "What time y'all close up thar?"

M: "Ten o'clock sir"

C: "Seven?"

M: "No, ten."

C: "What? seven?"

M: "No, ten, one zero. Ten."

C: "One mean one oh, tin?"

M: "Yes sir, ten o'clock"

1 comment:

Tang said...

Awww. Now who am I suppose to get my hunting camo and fishing lures from??? The guys at the next NRA meeting are gonna be soooo disappointed (the meeting is right after my asian meeting too).