Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I love my dog Una, don't let this post convince you otherwise but, I came to the realization today that the little snot might be more trouble than she is worth.

She has mostly grown out of the puppy phase and acts like a full grown dog. This includes no longer munching on our personal possessions out of shear boredom. Thus, we have been leaving her out to wander the apartment when we are gone rather than locking her in our kitchen as was our previous policy.

Today however, when I returned to the apartment, after a relatively short outing, I saw that she has nearly fully consumed the back cover of an anatomy textbook. Ugg. This lead me to reflect upon the things she has eaten since coming to live with us:

1. Cord for Guitar Hero Controller --$40
2. Kensington Mouse Cord--$25
3. Anatomy Textbook--$140
4. Zoo Membership Card--$55
5. Pair of Sandals--$15

These items, paired with the countless pens, pencils, lip gloss cases, bottles of lotion, and various other sundries, adds up to hundreds of dollars worth of my stuff. I'm not sure that I was aware of this cost when I purchased the little brat!


stephanie said...

You forgot my shoes, cell phone, and a book.....

Carla DeSilva said...

good thing she's so stinkin cute.

Colleen said...

Maybe those things were just getting out of line and she was corralling them back in order.

Colleen said...

This comment doesn't have anything to do with Una but I am very concerned with Joe's profile.

Casie said...

Joe has apparently promised to grace this blog with his presence this evening...we'll see.